InVision Foundation

The InVision Foundation is a subsidiary of InVision Human Services, and was founded to ensure that individuals living with challenging life situations or conditions have access to the human services they need to reach their vision for a meaningful life in community.

The foundation accepts tax-deductible donations and uses those generous gifts to support the individuals served by InVision's family of companies.

2017 Donation Report

In 2017, a total of $623,945 was donated to the InVision Foundation, which is InVision’s vehicle for receiving and disseminating contributions for our subsidiaries. That amount was donated by 494 constituents, 221 of which were new donors to InVision. The majority of that total – 89% or $553,426 – came from foundation and grant support. The remainder came from a combination of corporate support, individual donations, employee payroll deductions, and in-kind gifts. To be specific, $22,554 was from corporate support, $18,215 was from gift in-kind donations, $15,530 was from individual donors, and $14,220 was from employee payroll deductions.


The employee payroll deduction amount is something we are very proud of at InVision. Our employees believe so much in what we’re doing that they will give a portion of their paychecks back to help support our various programs. One such program, our South Africa Partnership, accounted for 83% of that $14,220. We were able to achieve that amount with an average payroll deduction of just $3! We currently have approximately 30% of our employees participating in payroll deductions. So, imagine how many more people we could help if participation was increased to 50 or even 100 percent. 

For an organization that relies heavily on state and federal funding, these donations and grants go a long way, and we want to say thank you to all those who have contributed in one way or another!